Creative Film Studio based out of SOCAL, but traveling globally

About Us

Whereever the story takes us, we will follow. We help organizations share their ideas and impact through moving pictures.

Who are we ?

We are a husband and wife team who bring years of story discovering experience to the table, both in the video making arena and outside it. Patricia is our lead story-finder and producer, able to get the most hardened and introverted individual to open up their dreams… while Zach brings the steady hand and creative eye to the process, finding the remarkable beauty in everyday circumstances.

We are supported by a team of creative individuals from all areas of the creative industry.  This gives us the freedom and ability to adapt our approach, regardless of the scope of the project, to best fit our partners’ needs and goals.

Why Us ?
We understand people.  Regardless of the size and scope of your organization, people are the life blood that keeps it ticking.  Our partners are not just clients, but friends.  We are not here to throw together some sound bites and call it done.  We are here for the long haul, learning from you about your organization so we are better able to steer the video making process in the direction needed to create compelling videos that will continue to impact people for years to come.
Our favorite part about the video making process is getting to hear from individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences.  We are friendly and easy to talk to… & we love to find out about the stories that make a person who they are. 


Patricia + Zach
Patricia + Zach

Story Tellers