Our Process

Get to know each other

We are going to be hanging out a lot over the coming weeks, so its best to start by learning about each other.  We want to hear about the passion that gets you out of bed in the morning!

Project Discussion

What are your goals, what do you need/want from this video? Let’s dig deep and get to the heart of what you are looking for.

Story Discovery

Who is the story about? An individual, your organization, a movement? We help you discover the best protagonist to carry your story to completion.

Story Capture

Where the rubber meets the road.  This is where all the time spent discussing and brainstorming pays off.  Time for… Action!

Story Edit

We craft and mold the footage we capture into a compelling narrative that will move your community to action.

Big Reveal

Your baby is finally ready to go out and be introduced to the big wide world.  Time to change people’s hearts and minds!